3 Skincare Tips You Should Never Ignore!❌💡

3 Skincare Tips You Should Never Ignore!❌💡

The weather is getting hotter and more humid gradually, and problems such as skin sensitivity, lack of water, and oily skin appeared all at once.

Of course, a daily skincare routine is indispensable. What should be paid attention to when the skin is undergoing a seasonal change?

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During the transition season, I believe that most people often experience skin sensitivity and redness.

As the temperature and humidity become unstable, the skin may not be able to adapt to the changing weather in a short period of time and cause sensitivity. If inappropriate skin care products are used during this time, the skin is more likely to be irritated. In addition to sensitive conditions, it may also cause acne problems.



Skincare precautions

 1. Moisturizing


No matter the temperature or humidity is very unstable, everyone with dry and oily skin should pay special attention!

If you continue to use skin care products for winter (such as oily creams), it is more likely to cause clogged pores.

The first task is to let the cutin of the skin absorb moisture and maintain skin hydration~ While it reduces excessive oil secretion and ensures that the skin will not appear dry or cracked💙

When choosing skin care products, it is recommended to use skin care products with a moisturizing effect.

If the skin is prone to oily conditions, it is recommended to choose products with low oil content~

 2. Use low-irritant skin care products


When the skin constantly has to adapt to the stimulation of the external environment, it will induce skin sensitivity.

Recommended people with sensitive skin avoid choosing irritating skin care products (such as skin acidic ingredients or deep cleansing effect)

When purchasing skin care products, can choose low-irritation ones (tea tree, centella asiatica ingredients) to achieve a soothing and calming effect to reduce the burden on the skin.

 3. Repair


To avoid damage to the skin barrier, recommended use skin care products with pure ingredients when the skin condition is unstable, avoid exfoliating, acidic, or alcohol-containing cleaning products, better to simplify skin care procedures as much as possible.

It is also very important to clean the face thoroughly and regularly. Use a mild cleanser and try to avoid irritating the cuticle. Recommended to use mainly contain repairing ingredients to reduce skin allergic reactions and regulate barrier function cleanser.

Let me introduce the following two skincare collections from 𝐃𝐫.𝐰𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫!

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 CICA Blemish Out Collection

If your skin is prone to oily or sensitive, it is also recommended to try Centella Asiatica products 💚

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