NO MORE back acne ! Dr.Wonder Acne Cleanser & Trouble out cleanser Review | Review by Xiao Yin

NO MORE back acne ! Dr.Wonder Acne Cleanser & Trouble out cleanser Review | Review by Xiao Yin

Xiao Yin

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I have dry and sensitive skin where I'll usually be flaking around the corner of lips and nose.

So let's first talk about the Trouble-out wonder cleanser

This cleanser contains Salicylic Acid and 9 other moisturizing and soothing ingredients.So it's really good for sensitive skin like mine.

I've been using this cleanser for a week now and you can see the difference in my skin already.

I was having some huge pimples here and some blemishes here.And now they're all healed.I'm still left with some scars from the past but they'll take some time to go away,but I'm really really satisfied with this cleanser already.Because you can see how I don't have any fresh pimples anymore after I started this cleanser.

So on top the cleanser I've also been using Dr.Wonder's pimple patches(Dr. wonder Wonder Patch).

Dr.Wonder has three different type of pimple patches.And the white one which is the newest one contains Nicotinamide which helps with whitening.

The one I've been using it is white one because I want to make sure that my pimple don't leave any scars .Because I used to have a lot of scars whenever I pop my pimples,but now you shouldn't be popping your pimples,you should be using pimple patches.Dr.Wonder Wonder Patches are individually into smaller sets so stickers will not be left out to get contaminated by all the gross stuff in the air.


Dr.Wonder Wonder Patches are matte and in a dome-like shape which makes it really easy to conceal.So after using the pimple patches my pimples will usually become flatter because it has absorbed all the pus and  all the gross stuff.

and last but not least let's talk about this body wash(Dr.Wonder Acne Cleanser).

It has salicyclic acid so it's really good for people with back acne.All I need is just one pump for my whole body.

 I've got my sister to use this body wash as she struggles with back acne as well so at the start of the week she had big huge pimples which had pus and still open and at the end of week there was a dramatic improvement in her back acne where her pimple closed and became smaller and less swollen.

So at the end of the day, I really highly recommend Dr.Wonder's Products =)


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