Zits outbreak? No worries, let’s absorb them all!

The weather in Singapore is hot and humid every day! I believe that many people are troubled with acne and other skin problems for a long period of time. Especially those on the nose or chin area...always squeezing them? But they are breaking out non-stop...HOW?!
“Do not pick blackheads, whiteheads or pimples with your hands” >>> Does this sound familiar? I bet it is, because bacteria on our hands can worsen the condition! 
But…....the hands don’t always listen to the brain!
As long as you feel or see them on the face, you can’t help but to pop them out with your hands!
At this time, you need something to block and protect the wound, so that you cannot touch it anymore…
In Korea, many people are talking about this product online >>>
Dr. wonder Wonder Patch
Not only can it cover and protect the wound, it can also effectively absorb pus! What is craze all about…? Let’s read on to find out more…!
Strong absorption??!!
A total of 3 types for you to choose from! 
The face is exposed to all sorts of dirt and impurities daily, let alone make up! You still have to put on makeup to look good or it is a must for work. With the 0.22 ultra-thin design, you can still apply makeup on top of it...barely visible! 
Some acne patches are not sitting well on the face at all, they tend to slip off when you sweat. Don’t worry! Let’s take a look at Dr. wonder’s ability! 
Reason behind the whitening effect?
After the zit pops, we are most afraid of leaving behind marks and pigmentation. Reduce acne marks with this White version! 
How to use: After washing your face, pat dry and put on the Wonder Patch to protect and ‘seal’ the wound from dirt, dust and other harmful impurities from the surroundings. 
After a period of time, you may remove it after you start seeing a white spot.
This is the actual footage from one of our users! 
After removing the Wonder Patch, remove any excess pus with a cotton bud. 
Next up, put on another new piece of Wonder Patch again to prevent secondary infections! 
*Results may vary due to different skin conditions of each individual


🔻 Dr. wonder [ Wonder Patch ] 🔻

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