Those who are concerned about their hands or fingernails...Look here! 

Those who are concerned about their hands or fingernails...Look here! 

We found a discussion thread online, about what attracts the opposite party other than looks? The most voted answer is, “A clean and smooth pair of hands”. People tend to observe hands, apart from facial appearance! 

What defines a pair of beautiful hands?  Here are some of the few conditions, how many have you fulfilled? Check it out…!

1. Slender Fingers


Slender fingers are perceived as shapely and elegant. Regardless of Men or Women, many people find them attractive.


2. Clean and Trimmed Fingernails



Many girls tend to keep their nails long to make the fingers look slender. In fact, a Japanese Magazine conducted a street interview and generally, guys do not like girls to keep their nails long. If you do not have the habit of doing manicures, do not keep the nails too long. Dirt may trap inside and make them look dirty and ugly. This may even ruin your image in front of your dream guy! 

You need to exfoliate the fingernails as well! 

When exfoliating the face, it gives a sense of satisfaction as the dirt and keratin fall out~ 

But, do you know this can be done on the nails too…?


Dr. wonder Ceramic Pocket Loose Skin Remover Pen is what you need! A total noob? No worries! Use the pen with the pointed side, swipe from the outer to inner part of the fingernail, you will start to see those gunks coming off!


This product consists of Avocado oil, Lavender oil, moisturize and supply nutrients! It comes with a light fragrance, not those chemical smell! 



3. Moisturized Hands without Flaky Dead Skin 

Do not neglect your hands! There’s a clear difference between a pair of hands that’s well-taken care of...and another which is dry and rough. 

When the edges of the nails are too dry, they become hard as thick layers of dead skin build up. Many people will either tear or chew it off, which is NOT RIGHT! Removing it this way will result in even thicker layer, wounds or infections. 


Strengthen and Moisturize

Here, let me recommend this to’s known as the ‘fingers mask’! You can do it easily at home and no need to spend a bomb at the nail salon.

  • Dr. wonder Nail Paraffin Hot Spa -


Pour in hot water, wait for the sticker label to turn from purple to pink (for the solution to cool down), dip your fingers in and out. Wait for around 10~15 minutes, remove the paraffin on your fingers and it’s done! 


Beautiful and nourished pair of hands without going to the nail salon!

This paraffin wax nail care helps to relax tired hands, deeply moisturize and soothe dry or damaged fingernails. It is easy and fun! You can do this with your sister, the amount is enough for 2 pax to enjoy this Paraffin Nail Hot Spa. 




4. Manicure style that guys prefer on a girl...Nude!



This poll has been going on and on in many places and the ultimate winner is still ‘French Nails’ that are simple and not fanciful. With a little pinkish nude tone helps to portray a clean image!

Girls...before you apply the nail polish, keep your fingernails give it a natural shine.

  • Dr. wonder Nail Essence Pocket Pen -


This essence is designed as a pen brush, also suitable for beginners! The ingredients consist of 100% plant extracts (same as those from nail salons). It comes with great absorption with a light scent to linger on your nails. The pen design makes it convenient to bring around, just toss it inside your bag and use it anytime and anywhere!


For the 3 featured products in this post...there’s currently a value set promotion going on! 

Purchase the Nail Care Home DIY Set at a cheaper price now! :D

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