Sunshine, Beach, Bikini...Girls, time to enjoy Summer! However, be mindful not to be the ‘NG’ girl in the hearts of Men! 

Sunshine, Beach, Bikini...Girls, time to enjoy Summer! However, be mindful not to be the ‘NG’ girl in the hearts of Men! 

Ladies, time to put on bikini and get ready for some water splashing and fun with the bright sun! Flaunt your body! 👙


However, there are certain things to take note before you flaunt your sexy body. Do you usually take good care of your skin? If not, you may accidentally show out some flaws (NG mistakes🚫). These will definitely affect your image...let’s have fun in Summer by being beautiful! 👯‍♀️

NG (No. 1) Exposing your flaws after wearing low-cut or bikini...wasting your effort in dressing up for the day! 


I know that most women pay a lot of attention in taking care of their faces, but they tend to neglect their bodies, especially on the back. Acne? Redness? Dry and flaky skin? All these destroy the confidence to show off the figure (even if they have it). Why envy others when you can start changing now…? 


Due to sweat in this humid weather, dirt and impurities tend to stay on the skin, causing all the bumps and spots. 

👇️For those with body acne problems👇️, time to achieve a balance between sebum and moisture! 

Exercise more to detox

Excess sebum will clog the pores and result in acne. By exercising, it helps to detoxify your body and increase metabolism. Hmm, but if you’re lazy like me or don’t wish to do those tedious workouts...just take a 20~30mins walk near your house everyday and sweat it out a bit! 

Don’t pick on those zits! 

When using the computer or watching TV, you tend to pick on the zits as you find them itchy..and removing the dried up pus is extremely satisfying, but this is very bad for your skin! With bacteria on your hands, you are transferring it to the skin and pores.

Change your clothes and bedsheet often!

I know it is really troublesome to do the laundry, but don’t be lazy! Under the hot weather, bacteria breed easier and faster! Try not to wear tight-fitting clothes and let your skin breathe. The bedsheet and pillow cases that you use everyday should be cleaned often to get rid of bacteria.

Do you have oily skin…? No worries, get a suitable body wash! 

Apart from changing your usual habits, it is also important to choose the right product for your skin!

Dr. wonder Acne Cleanser is the savior for those with oily skin!

The skin of the body is thicker than the face. Due to the poor regeneration ability, it will more likely result in pigmentation, that stays on the skin for a longer period of time. 

Dr. wonder Acne Cleanser is a low-acidic and gentle shower gel that helps prevent the buildup of dead skin and fight against the growth of acne!

Besides, this product contains Aloe Vera Extract, Green Tea Extract and Lavender Essential Oil to calm and soothe the skin. Other shower gels may tend to dry out your skin, but not Dr. wonder Acne Cleanser! This product will not cause irritations, but instead...helps to moisturize the skin while keeping you refreshed! 


NG (No. 2) Full face makeup on this warm day, but ended up like a landslide…?!

No need for me to explain further...the weather in Singapore is humid and stuffy all year round! We tend to sweat a lot and our skin becomes oily, that cause skin problems! Speaking of this, I really envy those girls in Korea or Japan...they do have cold seasons to balance out, unlike us! :(


If you wish to have flawless skin, besides drinking more water and your usual skin care’s time to pick up a suitable facial cleanser! Dr. wonder Trouble Out Wonder Cleanser helps to melt away excess sebum and dead skin (that block pores) with Salicylic Acid!

▼Strong cleansing strength, removes makeup and impurities effortlessly! ▼


NG (No. 3) Feels good to wear sandals or slippers, but wait...those flaky dead skin?! 

 (Photo source: Pexels@pixabay)


Take a look at your feet it dry with cracks? Others may think that you don’t have proper personal hygiene and lazy to take care of your own body. Fret not...we have something to show you! 

Over 1,700,000 sets sold in Korea, [ Dr. wonder Good-Bye Dirty Foot Solution ], returns you soft baby feet in just 14 days! 

I’m sure you’ve heard that foot masks in Korea are super popular nowadays! Not only are we selling in Korea’s official can also find it at well-known drugstores in Korea, like OLIVE YOUNG, LOHB, lalavla, etc. But now it is available in Singapore, you need not fly all the way to Korea to get it! 

It is is really easy to use! Wash and clean your feet, put on the mask for 1~1.5hours and rinse off with warm water.



Day 7 after using it, the dead skin is coming off…

After clearing the thick layer of dead skin, the feet become soft and smooth once again!! This is indeed useful and effective! 😎

Ladies, time to try up the mentioned products to pamper yourself from head to toe! 😎


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