Oppa is not born with perfect skin! Let’s reveal his secret of driving away imperfections!

Oppa is not born with perfect skin! Let’s reveal his secret of driving away imperfections!

If you are curious about Koreans...and you’ve not been to Korea...I believe you must be thinking about this, “How can their skin be so good?” 🤔

Today, let’s read on to find out more about this Male Model from Korea :)


Revealing his secret in getting rid of acne and blemishes! After reading this, you will know that it’s all about picking the right products and spending more time and effort on yourself! 😇

The following will be his experience -

I am 27 years old and a model...people usually say that I look like a sunshine boy 🌞

But...I have flaws that can be seen at a glance!

And that is...ACNE! Especially the one right smack in the middle...😭

One fine day, I was browsing through FB while lying on bed...I saw this Dr.wonder Face Wash advertisement and decided to try it out!


Wow...the bubble foam is really thick...can you see from the photo? Pair it with the 10s Bubble Maker, it helps to produce a creamy, thick bubble foam!


I am going to show you how my skin changes over 5 weeks - 

1st Week

You can see that my face is full of acne marks...used it for only a week, so it’s normal that the change was not obvious.

2nd Week

When I looked in the mirror, those acne marks began to fade away a little...but unfortunately, I can’t seem to capture it well in the photo…

3rd Week

Wow! Look...the original marks (previous photo vs current photo)...the change is obvious! 

4th Week

This is really incredible! Cannot really tell that I used to have those flaws on my face……

5th Week

By the fifth week, most of the acne spots and blemishes are gone...I realized that I don’t have breakouts recently...skin condition has definitely improved! 


My friend even asked if I went to a Dermatologist, but in fact, I only changed my face wash!

If you compare the photos (1st Week vs 5th Week), I’m sure you can tell the difference at a glance!

Those problematic spots are almost gone...!

Dr. wonder Trouble-out Wonder Cleanser

Softly melts away excess sebum and dead skin that clog pores with this facial cleanser that contains Salicylic Acid! It helps to take care of acne and oily skin without irritations!

Contains 9 types of natural moisturizing and soothing ingredients to calm sensitive and irritated skin. This also helps to minimize dryness and tightness after washing your face. 

After you see those changes on my skin, I highly recommend this to people around me who are facing the same problem (skin blemishes). Just try it out! 


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