How to solve the problem of acne and Relapse of acne? Pay attention to these points!🚨

How to solve the problem of acne and Relapse of acne? Pay attention to these points!🚨

Wearing a mask for a long time, I feel that I don’t care that much about my skin condition. Anyway, the mask can cover it😅

But now people start wearing makeup and taking off their masks. Just realize my skin condition is sooooo bad😭

What I can do to even make it better💁‍♀️

How do you deal with acne every time?
Squeeze with hands, bleed and then repair, each repeated action makes the scar deeper and deeper.

These are bad habits, you need to improve your daily living habits to avoid the problem of frequent acne!

Let's find out the way to fix the problem together!🙌


Solution ① Replace the fluoride toothpaste!

You may not know it, but even toothpaste can cause acne!😱 Most toothpaste contain fluoride, which can effectively prevent tooth decay, but at the same time, it can also stimulate the skin to secrete sebum or cause allergies. If you are also a person who is prone to acne on the chin, you can try switching to a fluoride-free toothpaste to see if there is any change


Solution ② Eat less high in fat, salt, sugar, and dairy products!

Foods high in sugar: desserts, cookies, sugary drinks, bread ❌


 High-fat foods: Fried foods, peanut butter, butter❌


 Dairy products: milk, cheese, ice cream ❌


High-salt food: sausage, bacon, hamburger meat and other processed and pickled products 🥓 🥩


The above-mentioned foods are not to say that you can’t eat them, but you should eat less of them! Especially friends who are prone to acne

You can change it from the intake amount. If you eat it every day, you can change it to weekly and gradually reduce it.💪🏻

Solution ③ Regularly clean cosmetics, brushes, cushion powder, etc.

How often do you clean the brushes, puffs, and cushion powder that you use every day? They haven’t been cleaned and replaced for half a year or even a year right?! Using unclean makeup tools can also cause skin allergies, inflammation, acne, etc.

If you haven't cleaned it, go clean it and replace it now!


If you still there is still acne that can't disappear, then you should try on this specially designed acne sticker!🤗

As you all know that dr. wonder's acne patch is very famous!
Is from the same brand, Magnesium target solution patch (microneedle acne patch)

Magnesium target solution patch

📍How is it different from other acne patches on the market?

It's so different! The latest micro-needle acne patch has added micro-needle technology, which can penetrate deep into the epidermis and facilitate the life cycle of acne care!

Simply put:

✔ Improve oil secretion  ✔ Improve sebum volume
✔ Improve the skin barrier ✔ Help calm the skin


Most of the acne patches on the market are designed to "absorb" the acne forms yellowish-white pus

And this Korean new technology can take care of acne before the formation of acne!!

Before the acne pustule has formed
papule & nodules types

In addition to microneedle acne patches, each set also comes with anti-acne repair gel and cleansing pads

3 steps, easy and simple! Use it before sleep!



According to the condition of the acne area, different care can be carried out↓↓



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