Caring for Your Nails is Important - The key to maintaining healthy fingernails and toenails is nail care!

Caring for Your Nails is Important - The key to maintaining healthy fingernails and toenails is nail care!

At Home Nail Care Kit:

Dead Skin Remover, Nail Essence, Nail Spa

Have you ever had these problems?

  • Services at nail salons at too expensive
  • Too lazy to go to the nail salon
  • Worried about nails that are dry and brittle
  • Nail care at home is too difficult

Clean and well maintained nails not only looks beautiful but also reflect the personality of a person.

Clean hands and proper nail care are reliable ways to know if a person is hygienic. So, It is required to take proper care of nails, upon seeing clean hands, people will be impressed.

If you can't go to the nail salon anytime soon, here are somethings for healthy nails and cuticles that you can do from home.

Dr. Wonder Nail Home Care line helps you to achieve naturally beautiful nails. 

Without going to nail salons, do it yourself easily and conveniently!

[ Set Includes ]

- Ceramic Pocket Loose Skin Remover 

- Nail Essence Pocket Pen

- Nail Paraffin Hot Spa

Wait! What is loose skin?

Loose skin is the layer of dead skin between the cuticle and the fingernail that makes our fingernails look dirty!

You could use Loose Skin Remover to push the cuticle line and between cuticle and nail in a circular motion.

Dr. Wonder Ceramic Pocket Loose Skin Remover contains natural oil that provides nails with nutrients and moisture. It also removes dead skin easily without any push!

Sometimes do you ever wonder why is the skin around the nails so hard and look so dry?

Well, don't worry, as this is simply a natural process as the skin forms hard. The thickened area is just a response from repeated friction, pressure, or irritation. Your skin is actually doing its job and while it isn't harmful, it can become irritated.

Try Dr. wonder Nail Essence Pocket Pen! It is a multi-moisturizing oil nail care solution. It can be used on dry hands, under the eyes, elbows, heels, etc!

Contains 9 types of plant-based oils and Vitamin E to make nails healthy & shiny
Such as (Hazelnut Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, etc).

Note* We highly recommend you use Dr. Wonder Nail Paraffin Hot Spa together to complete the steps.

Dr. Wonder Nail Paraffin Hot Spa made with high-quality paraffin from Germany, under strict management and safe to use!

[ Main Ingredients ]

- Rapeseed Oil : Moisturize & maintain nutrients

- Coconut Oil    : Moisturize & nourish

- Shea Butter    : Moisturize & nourish

- Glycerin          : Moisturize skin

Wondering how it works?

Here's the step for how to use Dr. Wonder Nail Paraffin Hot Spa!

[ How To Use ]

  1. Open the lid and pour 80~90‎°C water up to the temperature sensor label

    *Never put in a microwave

  1. Wait for about 1minute for the label to completely turn from purple to pink
  2. After 1min, open the lid and wait for the label to turn back to purple, water becomes lukewarm
  3. Dip your hand in the lukewarm water for about 3~5 seconds, repeat 3-4 times
  4. When there is a thick layer of paraffin on your finger, dry for 10~15 minutes, peel off the paraffin gently
  5. After using, make a hole in the surface of paraffin, pour away the leftover water, and close the lid to store
  6. Beautiful, nourished hands, completed!


    It’s easy to neglect your nails, but taking some basic steps can keep your fingernails healthy and strong. Check out Dr.Wonder for more  💅🏾

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