Eyelashes also need your care! Want to get rid of thin, fragile eyelashes? Come and take a look!

I believe that the girls who usually wear eye makeup know...

The importance of eyelashes!!!
Many girls will have eyelashes extension or curl eyelashes
to keep eyelashes looks good~

But often doing eyelash extensions can actually
cause some damage to your eyelashes?

The eyelashes begin to fall and break out easily...
What can I do to prevent future eyelash loss?

Actually is simple to maintain healthy and strong eyelashes!

Take a look at  Dr.wonder Eyelash Growth Booster

Super cute pink-orange package, provide proper nutrition
for short and fragile eyelashes 👀

Let's see the difference!
Contains "Castor Oil" to promote hair.
Helps maintain eyelashes' healthy and plump hair roots.

Fragile and damaged eyelashes before use

The effect of eyelash changes after 1~2 weeks!

Both the thickness, density, and length of the eyelashes have increased!

We recommend continuous use for 3~6 weeks!

Eyelash growth booster

Can also be used on eyelashes, it can also be used on eyebrows and hairline!
This is what girls care about the most!

Worried about being allergic to the skin around the eyes?
Don't have to worry! Low irritation pH level, which is similar to tears.

Dual function 2-in-1 mascara brush

Let's take a look at the review from South Korea~

"I will use the Eyelash Growth Booster before going to bed,
it doesn't cause eye irritation~ Since I have a physique allergic
and afraid to use mascara too often, but this ampoule is really gentle.
Looking forward to the results after 3~6 weeks"

It is more effective to use it before bed~ Eyelash Growth Booster
helps to keep your lashes thicker and stronger😍😍


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