Any good tips to clean blackheads? should never use an extraction tool?!😲

Any good tips to clean blackheads? should never use an extraction tool?!😲

Face cleaning every day has become a habit in our life, but even if we wash it every day, why there are still blackheads, what should I do?


Many of us would have seen, if not tried, various products claiming to clean the dirt out of our pores.

From scrubs to cleansers to nose strips that stick to our face, and extraction tools, there are many tools at our disposal.


But which one is the best way to clean? it really depends on one's skin condition and the place environment you stay.  

We got you some good tips and also what to avoid when cleaning blackheads!

1. Basic face cleansing everyday
There are a variety of reasons why pores can become blocked, causing blackheads to form under the skin. These blackheads are made up mostly of dead skin, and some dirt.

That's why daily face cleansing is significantly important! It helps to remove dirt, oil, and unwanted debris from your face. Before face washing, make sure properly remove all makeup first.  


2. Do not squeeze blackheads with your hands!
It's important to never squeeze a blackhead too much because you might cause the oil glands to rupture back into the skin, causing an even worse reaction.

3. Should not use an extraction tool
Although you can pretty much find and buy acne extraction tools anywhere, no means is good to use for everyone. The extraction tool is actually used by a trained, licensed professional, but recently people can purchase it easily online and in-store. However, using them incorrectly will do more harm than good.

For instance, improper use of an extraction tool can damage the skin (scarring, bruising, and capillary damage). And not only that, it may also drive bacteria deeper into the skin, causing a breakout to become even worse. 


4. What to do instead
- Exfoliate regularly:
use gentle exfoliating cleanser
- Skip using scrubs:
use a soft face cloth instead assist in cleaning the pores part
- Use a facial steamer: help soften the skin, to see blackheads coming to the skin's surface, use cotton swab and wiggle out any excess congestion. 

Last but not least!
Have you heard of Blackhead suction water?

The solution for stubborn acne, blackheads in pores!
Just need a few steps to clean blackheads effortlessly.


Use it with a special black cotton swab, which can clearly see blackheads getting out!
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What's your best way to clean blackheads? Try on the above methods to achieve flawless and clean pores.🤗🌟

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